Why women love being a sugar momma?

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The term sugar momma is a widely used term yet its meaning is not well understood. A sugar momma is typically a well to do woman who are lonely and look for companionship from younger men. We can simply say that sugar mommas are women who acquire a boy toy whom they spoil with gifts and money in exchange for their companionship.

Sugar momma has become more common day by day and men seem to be embracing this fact more than expected. Sugar momma dating young men is a mutual benefiting relationship where the woman has more to offer than just sex appeal. The sugar momma has more to offer such as a good saving account and good credit. Surprisingly, young men nowadays seem to find rich and older women who are powerful to be much sexier than their age mates who have only one thing to offer, sex. The young men enjoy added security and practically do not have to pay for anything. Honestly, who wouldn’t love enjoying the good life? A sugar momma dating a younger man is a convenience relationship with each party having to offer the other what they greatly desire. It has become more than a money for sex thing, it is frolic, fun and more exciting than the usual relationship.

Why women love being a sugar momma? This is a question that almost everyone seems to be asking yet the answer is quite simple, sugar momma’s relationships have many benefits as compared to normal relationships. The woman receives all the attention she requires from the young man and the seduction is intense, wild and exciting. Women feel younger by merely just being around a younger man, this makes them feel confident and appreciate themselves. Every woman wants to be in control of a relationship, having more money as a woman definitely prevents a man from being too controlling.

Women love a man to be there just for them, to caress and pamper them now and then. Women love being sugar mommas since they get to do whatever they desire and enjoy having a man comply with her every demand and action. Older women know what they want more than ever they know that there is more to living which includes enjoying life to the fullest. Sugar momma dating is not only based on sex and lust but is all about friendship and companionship, it is a thrilling relationship that rids older women of boredom and distress. A sugar momma dating a younger man is a definite promise to more pleasure and enjoyment; both parties get to have a friend, a lover and a sex partner. Women may become sugar mommas also because younger men are more open minded, fit and energetic and mostly because younger men love the experience of older women.

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